Do not take a pregnancy test at work – A cautionary tale

A few weeks ago when I was silently weeping, sat on a public toilet in a small cubicle with a positive pregnancy test perched on a sanitary bin, this is the advice I wish someone had given me.

Don’t worry this is not a story of an unwanted pregnancy.  I couldn’t be happier to be adding another little person to our brood.  This is just a cautionary tale of when and where to do a pregnancy test.

I woke up on Sunday morning feeling like I had been physically assaulted but only in the general boob area.  I’ve never had any breast pain with PMT or in any other circumstance, so I was pretty shocked by it.  I put it down to sleeping a bit funny but there was a niggling doubt in my mind which I refused to listen to.  Sore boobs are an early symptom of pregnancy, right?  No, don’t be silly, you aren’t pregnant, you’d know (I’m not sure how I came up with this little pearl of wisdom for myself).

Cut to Monday, a colleague was rushing behind me on the stairs on the way out to lunch.  I broke into a half arsed attempt at a hurry and bounced down the stairs (my tender bosom did not appreciate this one tiny little bit).  My lame excuses to myself were no longer cutting much mustard and the much louder voice of reason was becoming deafening.  So, in my foolish way, I thought that if I just bought a pregnancy test alongside my Tesco meal deal I could silence the nagging voice and get on with my very busy day at work.

And this is how you find me sat in a cubicle in the office toilets, my own pee on my hands, staring at a positive pregnancy test wondering what the actual fuck I should do next.

Here is the learning lesson part of the story – if you are going to take a pregnancy test it will be either positive or negative.

Are you in a place in which you could deal with either scenario?

I had to go home, I couldn’t just walk into my next meeting and talk about user centred design and patient empowerment.  I needed to talk to my husband and quite frankly calm down.  I was in a state of shock.


If I’d have waited for only a few hours I could have talked to my hubby about how I was feeling, we could have nipped to the shops and found out together in the comfort of our own home.  As it was he got a rather frantic call from me saying I was coming home and I was pregnant.  I have to laugh at that, my poor husband did not see that one coming!

It’s a few weeks later now and the shock has worn off.  We are super happy and can’t wait to see what this pregnancy and this new little person have in store for us.

Where were you when you find out you took your pregnancy test?

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