4 steps to create ‘Grow Your Own Sunflower’ Party Bags

This is a post about why I replaced the random crap in our kids party bags for homemade Grow Your Own Sunflower kits for under 80p. And how you can do it yourself.

You know the drill, you’ve organised a party for your little cherub, you’ve sorted invites, food and entertainment.  Now for the party bags.  In my experience party bags are comprised of:

1./ Treats – some kind of sugary goodness 

2./ Birthday Cake – which you hastily cut and wrap in napkins during the party

3./ Random Crap – mini yoyos, pencils, basically any small piece of plastic tat which will fit in (Quite often massively overpriced and a choking hazard).

Now I don’t think it  is morally right to remove either number 1 or number 2.  If you give a child a party bag without treats or cake in you are inviting a tantrum of epic proportions.  The random crap element is in my opinion open to intterpretation so this year for this my darling step daughters 4th birthday I took the decision to replace the random crap with a grow your own sunflower competition


You will need:

  • Plastic plant pots
  • Sunflower seeds
  • printed instructions (printable below)
  • Sellotape
  • dehydrated compost
  • ziplock food bags
  • mini windmills

Step 1

Open the sunflower printable I have prepared – add your childs name in the blank and print as many sheets as required (there are 4 per sheet).  Cut the sheet into 4 and you have the instructions for each kit.

Tip – remember to print single sided.

Step 2

Get your seeds -I found a pack of 40 for £1.79 inc delivery from amazon enough to provide two seeds per pack (based on 20 kids).  Place two seeds on a piece of sellotape and pop on the back of instructions.

Tip – the paper has a tendency to curl inwards when you add the tape.  If you put the tape on with the paper across a curved surface (such as my adequately cushioned thigh) it will lie straight.

Step Three

Fill a zip lock bag with dehydrated compost.  The reason for using dehydrated is because it swells to three times it’s size when water is added so you only have to provide a small amount. I bought this one and used only a third of the bag (if that) so about 3 litres would be fine for about 20 kits. Add enough soil to roughly fill half into one of your plant pots.  Pour this into a jug and use this as a measure of how much to put in each bag.

Tip – use zip lock bags rather than the normal seal-able bags – no-one wants mud covered cake!  I bought mine from the local pound shop £1 for 30 (reduced to 30p because the pack was open!).  They seem quite expensive online so maybe shop around your local shops?

Step Four

Pop the instructions and seeds from Steps 1 and 2 and the bag of compost from Step 3 into a small plastic plant pot.  I bought mine from a local pound shop for £1 for 10 however I have found these on line for a similar cost (£10.42 for 10 inc delivery).

Tip – invest in some cheap mini windmills to add to your bags.  The kids at our party loved them.  We paid £1 each for them but I’ve subsequently found 24 for £3.97 here.

We gave out 23 of these kits in our party bags last weekend and they went down a treat.  I’ve had messages and photos from lots of the parents and the competitive spirit is certainly kicking in. Why not consider making them for other events? Weddings favours? Summer Party gifts?


16 thoughts on “4 steps to create ‘Grow Your Own Sunflower’ Party Bags”

  1. What a fantastic idea! As a Mum I find I toss out the “random crap” a week after the party and I hate to add it to our own part bags, what a great way for the kids to take something home to DO! thanks for the idea!

  2. This Is an awesome party favor. l love the idea. You could even do Sunflower idea for baby showers or bridal showers. Thank you for sharing this post in the All For Mamas Link Party Week 7 #allformamas. I will share you post on the All For Mamas Facebook Group page, my page Blended Life Happy Wife and twitter. Thank you for joining the link party it is much appreciated 🙂

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Brilliant idea! WE adopted older boys so this will be my first ever kids birthday party so thank you for a lovely idea! 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

    1. Although I’m a stepmum not an adopted mum I’m sure we share a lot of similar experiences if becoming mum to older children without the first few years practice 😊 I’ll keep an eye on your blog to see how you are getting in I’d love some tips

        1. Nothing specific I don’t think (although don’t hold me to that). It’s just good to hear from people in similar situations. Blogging has really helped to feel I’m not the only one working hard to be the best bonus mum I can 😁

    1. I did some kids music stuff at the little ones recent 4th birthday party. I just bought a kids album on my phone, took my speakers and played musical statues, musical bumps, pass the parcel and dances like the okey cokey. The kids love the musical bits.

      1. I’m thinking more party bags…wonder if I can source some cheap microphones or similar? As you say, I don’t really want to go down the route of choking hazard tat!!

        1. Oooh – very good question!
          You could print something like this onto card and include a small set of crayons for a colour your own microphone. You can get 20 packs for less than £3 on amazon:
          And maybe something to make noise with? You can get 12 whistles for 3.99:
          For the sweet element maybe melody pops? You can get 5 for a pound at Tesco:
          Hope this helps?

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